Young man sitting next to pregnant woman's bellyGreat Expectations

To the left is a picture my friend Roger Yip took in 1994 and I believe it captures that feeling of uncertainty as we venture into the unknown.

Just like you I have great expectations for my website.  A good website reaches my potential clients and communicates a convincing message. 

I believe my best client is an educated client so you will find a few simple explanations of important concepts for owning your own website. I make every effort to make sure that my clients know what they need to do to make their websites perform well in search engine results.

So thanks for dropping by and I hope there is something for you to learn here.  If you don't know already, you will understand what CMS stands for.  You will know in simple terms the difference between a client computer and a server computer and a few other important concepts.

And if you are looking for a website, you will understand why a custom designed content management system, just might be your best option.

A connecting bridgeUnderstanding where you want to go

The most important thing we do is listen to your requirements and provide a solution that exceeds your expectations.  This sounds like a bold statement but by combining your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of the internet we have the best of both worlds.

In short you understand your business and we understand ours.

So tell us where you want to go and we will help you get there.  You will learn a bit along the way and the more we know about you and your concerns the better we will be be able to help you.

A light bulbEvery website starts with an idea

When  you go to our contact page, you will be asked to answer a few questions before submitting your enquiry.

This is the first step in determining what your requirements are.  If you choose to give us an idea of what your budget is it will help to determine which options we can provide within your budget.

Some clients are happy with a template site and we provide low cost solution for people who have very generic requirements.

It is important to understand that the server computer is very powerful and is capable of much more than just serving up web pages.  An example of a web application that does more than just serve pages is an E commerce application like Magento.

By understanding what the server is capable of we can help you understand the possibilities.

Learn about the client/server relationship.

A man standing on a hill against a striking skyThe best web design company

That is our goal and our constant direction.  Every day we increase our knowledge, refine our tools and take on new challenges.

We are located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, and the internet is a global product.

The internet is our product.